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About Us

Our Story

CHIANG MAI FOOD TOURS was created with our love and passion in food and travel. Born and raised in Thailand, our roots have always been firmly planted in Thai culture and culinary.

In early 2011, we started our mission to introduce Thailand’s local flavours to the world and help visitors “eat like a Thai”. We launched the innovative tour company called "Bangkok Food Tours" to let visitors from all over the world experience the ultimate food and cultural exploration in Bangkok and its environs. Besides tasting delicious food, all participants will learn fascinating history and rich culture in neighbourhoods, sharing from the true insider. Bangkok Food Tours is now the leading culinary travel operator in Thailand and has received numerous of awards and recognitions, including the prestigious Thailand Tourism Award 2013 for the Best Cultural Tour program.

After 3 inspiring years in Bangkok, we are ready to bring travellers to experience Chiang Mai through its food culture. As one of our co-founders is Northern-Thailand native and her family has operated a Northern Thai restaurant for generations, we are very pleased that finally we have an opportunity to introduce visitors to the culinary secrets of the Lanna highlands. Hop to see you in one of our delicious food tours!

Chiang Mai Food Tours Team

Chiang Mai Food Tours Team

Why Join Food Tours?

Why Choose Us

Passionate Local Tour Guide

Each tour is led by a highly qualified tour guide who is an expert in the area. Our goal is to make you feel like having local friends bringing you to their favourite eats and share their excitement about the city they grow, live, and love.
Why Choose Us

Celebrating Local Community

We are a proud supporter of local community. Our tasting locations are independently owned by local Chingmai – actually they are some of the best local chefs in town and their secret recipes are really worth spreading the words!
Why Choose Us

Delicious Local 's Food

Each tour includes a variety of food tasting items that are favourite among locals. So, don’t be afraid to join the local crowds and enjoy the real tastes this charming city has to offer. You can come hungry and leave happy.
Why Choose Us

Best Way to Get to Know !

With our small and intimate group walk, we give you intimacy that just can’t get if you are on the bus, on the boat, or on the bike. When you are walking, you get to really appreciate local areas. Our tour combines food, culture, and real story. It’s all in one!

We strongly believe in and are dedicated to responsible tourism. Our tours are designed to minimize environmental impact and sustain local economy. The followings are some practices we are committed ourselves to.

  • We are fully-accredited and licensed tour operator. We only use licensed tour guides who are passionate about Thai food and culture.

  • We eagerly encourage our customers to consider to use public transportation. Our tours are within easy access by environmental-friendly mode of transportation, such as BTS. Our walking tours produce by far the least carbon emissions.

  • Our restaurant partners are local businesses and they have been in operations for years. By supporting local entrepreneurs, we help generate new source of income and contribute to sustainable growth of local economy.

  • Each tour is developed on in-depth research of local neighborhoods. Our aim is to shy away from interrupting local community’s way of life. In contrast, we want our customers to get full experience of true local lifestyle.

  • We believe in giving and sharing. We are committed to give back to our society. As our business expands, we plan to contribute certain portion of profit to local communities in Thailand, especially to those in need.

  • No hidden cost on our tours. Our tours are 100% hassle-free. We state our price clearly as well as what are included in each tour. We hate scam as much as you do. Our tour guides are committed to company’s codes of conduct. They will never try to persuade customers to pay for extra services that customers do not intend to pay for initially.

  • Chiang Mai Food tours and Navatas Hospitality Co.,Ltd is 100% owned by Thais and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Chiang Mai Food tours is trading brand of Navatas Hospitality Co.,Ltd. We are bounded and licensed travel operator in Thailand. With our current focus on culinary tourism, Navatas aims to offer unique and authentic experience to international travelers. All Navatas’ products are developed on hours of research and development to ensure our visitors’ most satisfying experience.